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Experience the best of what Pilates can do for your strength and flexibility with master instructor Susan Markle NCPT

Susan offers individual sessions and small group Pilates classes from her private studio nestled in the heart of Littleton, Colorado. Nothing compares to her expert personal attention. During all points of your workout she always takes time to understand you and will tailor a custom program just for YOU. When you train with Susan Markle you get the very best of instruction paired with affordable rates & scheduling flexibility. LEARN MORE

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”
— Joseph Pilates

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You’ll never get lost in the crowd. Before you begin any program Susan will take time to understand your fitness goals and design a workout just for you. She offers Group classes which consist of four or less students meeting on a set schedule. If you like working out with a friend,“Duo Sessions” (two people) are great and our Private Sessions have the added benefit of flexible scheduling and special rate packages. We also offer Virtual Mat Classes for home training. All classes are no-contract and pre-paid with many payment options. CHECK OUT THE SUMMER PACKAGES



Nestled in Governors Ranch in Littleton, Colorado (only 20 minutes from Denver), this private boutique Pilates studio is quite different from ordinary gyms. Susan’s retreat-like space and welcoming spirit will make you feel right at home. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY


The studio and processes have been reformatted to ensure safety and meets all state and county protocols. All reformers are socially distanced to be 6 feet apart, have individual hand and equipment sanitizing bottles and each has its own work bin full of props which are exclusive to that station. Masks are to be worn into and out of the studio but are allowed off during exercise and when everyone is properly socially distanced. In addition, classes are organized to not have any overlap, thus allowing time for thorough cleaning between sessions.

2020 Summer Packages

Susan offers no contract, pre-paid classes with flexible schedules. We accept all major credit cards and Venmo. PURCHASE CLASSES ONLINE NOW



You’ll never get lost in the crowd while getting expert Pilates instruction. Group classes are structured for 4 or less participants on a fixed schedule
Current Group Schedule

5-PACK $125
10-PACK $225
Group packages expire two months after date of purchase.

Semi-Private Instruction



Working out with a partner is always more fun and helps us stay consistent. Susan has developed her Duo Training Sessions to accommodate busy schedules and partner workouts. No contract required! Packages are purchased 1 month in advance and you can customize your schedule with Susan.

SINGLE CLASS $40/person
4-PACK $140/person
8-PACK $260/person




One-on-one training with a master Pilates instructor is invaluable. During private Pilates sessions with Susan you will gain a better understanding of your particular movement strategies within the Pilates method. This is very important for new students to Pilates who are required to begin with four Private Sessions before joining group classes.

4-PACK $260
Try a Free 30 min Intro
or $35 Private Session




What makes Susan’s virtual classes different from other instructional sources is that they’re customized to your needs and you have her artful and experienced instruction streaming to you in realtime.

8-PACK $105/person
(Pay for seven and get one FREE!)
Summer Mat Packages have no expiration date!
Summer Schedule
Mon 9am / Tues 7am / Thurs 10am

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Susan Markle’s passion for Pilates and therapeutic methods is evident as she continually works to advance her knowledge and skill. Susan has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Colorado in Therapeutic Recreation and is certified as a Pilates teacher through the National Pilates Certification Program and Fletcher Pilates organizations.

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Susan’s expert personal attention and custom training programs will take your Pilates workout to a new level.

Whether in group classes or individual sessions, you know you’re in good hands. Susan has more than 30 years of experience leading health, wellness and fitness classes and is nationally certified as a NCPT® Certified Pilates Teacher as well as Fletcher® Pilates Qualified Instructor. She has worked with athletes, executives and even whole families. Her teaching style is calm and mindful with great attention to detail. Susan continually works to promotes greater self-awareness in her students so that they will move with greater ease, efficiency and enjoyment.

Check out what Susan’s students are saying

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    “Susan's classes have been fantastic for my core strength and stability. The small class size is wonderful and she focuses on helping each person improve every time. I have only been taking classes here for about 6 months and have seen a huge improvement in my strength and fitness level and also a reduction of my neck and shoulder pain. Susan is very knowledgeable in body mechanics and gives excellent cues that are helping me overcome some of my bad postural and exercise habits.” ELLEN

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    “Love, love, LOVE Susan. I have been searching for a great pilates instructor since my previous pilates trainer moved away. Took me five years to find her.” ANCA ELENA

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    “I have lower back problems and was recommended by my Orthopedic doctor to try Pilates. I began taking Susan's mat class at the gym and then started taking classes at her studio a few months ago. Both are great classes, but with Susan's small class sizes at the studio I am able to get much more personalized instruction. The Reformer equipment at her studio gives me more support in areas that are needed which allows me to do things I am not strong enough ...to do on the mat. It also allows me to keep my form better and to stretch deeper. Over the past few months I've noticed a drastic improvement in my core strength and posture. This has greatly improved my lower back pain giving me a much better quality of life. I would recommend Susan Markle Pilates to anyone suffering from back pain, or anyone who would just like to tone their muscles while learning proper body mechanics. Her studio is a fun supportive environment where you get to meet great people while improving your health.” MIKE

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    “Hi Susan, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you as my Pilates instructor. I'm seeing benefits already as far as flexibility breathing and core strength. Plus the best part of all I'm just feeling better. Thanks again. Make it a great day :)”

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    “One of the best personal exercise decisions I have made was to put Pilates in my weekly exercise regime. Using the reformer enables me to improve my flexibility and body posture as well as increase my strength along with my body and mental awareness. The studio is personally inviting, convenient and efficient. The instruction, of course, is exceptional!” MINDY

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    “Pilates is very valuable to me in that it keeps me mindful of my posture throughout my day. It develops my "muscle-memory" of how my body should be aligned at all times. I feel that my core is definitely getting stronger -- but not only that -- it is a full body strengthening and lengthening. I just feel better when I stay on a Pilates routine! Not all Pilates instructors are created equal and Susan is definitely one of the best. She has a traditional training background and is very careful about making sure her students are performing correctly to get the most out of the session, as well as to be sure there are no injuries. ” TWYLLA

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    “Over the past 10 years of taking Pilates with Susan, my flexibility and core strength have improved allowing me to lead an active lifestyle. I came to pilates because I suffered from back pain, now I can say my back is strong, and I am pain free. I believe in pilates 100%. The pilates workout offers increased tone and strengthening , improved balance and flexibility, and I leave a session feeling more energized. Working out with Susan two times a week has kept me pursuing all the active things I enjoy doing. Susan explains everything clearly and provides visual and verbal cues, she individually helps the participants get the most out of their workout.”

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    “I have been attending classes with Susan at Susan Markle Pilates for approximately 6 years. Pilates, in my opinion, strengthens and tones the entire body. It's helped me to achieve greater core strength, flexibility, and better posture. The classes are always enjoyable and I never dread my Pilates workouts. I think I'll be doing Pilates for the rest of my life -- I'm hooked!”

    LISA B.
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    “Susan Markle is an amazing person and a very special teacher who devotes her expertise to supporting her students in understanding the importance of Pilates for continual balance, flexibility and strength as they age. She also provides harmonious instruction and has a calming spirit that permeates the class and also reflects an aura of congeniality.”

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    “Being a grandmother to five grandchildren and babysitting them quite a bit, my back was becoming pretty sore and tired. I knew that I needed something to strengthen my core muscles. A friend told me about Susan's Pilates class and I joined about 5 years ago. It was the best thing I could have done for myself. I have definitely strengthened my core muscles. I am more flexible and feel a little bit younger because of it. My back is stronger and doesn't... hurt anymore. I am able to lift my grandchildren better than ever! This is all praises to Susan! She is so knowledgeable in the body's movement and what it takes to feel great physically. Her Pilates classes are great for all ages!!”



Pilates is a perfect method of exercise where the mind and the body work together to develop strength and flexibility, minimizing joint stress and improving efficient movement. This method can benefit any fitness level. When practiced with consistency, Pilates builds endurance for the entire body with emphasis on alignment, breathing and the development of a strong core strength.

“Pilates is the blending of proper alignment, breath, and core activation to enhance strength, flexibility and balance in one’s body.” Susan Markle

It’s very important to practice Pilates with a knowledgeable trainer. Because the Pilates method is grounded on technique, personal instruction is vital to achieving its full benefit (and not injure yourself). This isn’t the case when we workout at gyms or in large classes. The good news is that Susan’s individual and small group classes are a great value-added alternative where you’ll never get lost in the crowd.

“The Pilates Method is a path to total health that bridges mind and the body.”

Besides being a system of physical exercises, it is the mental knowledge of executing these exercises correctly that will help one move efficiently in everyday life and provide the edge to optimal performance in sports and other athletic endeavors. With every move you must focus on the muscle along with your breathing. As a result, the regular practice of Pilates helps improve concentration skills and can reduce stress.

Documented Benefits of Pilates

• Improves core strength and posture
• Improves flexibility and balance
• Strengthens and lengthens muscles
• Improves body movement confidence
• Helps alleviate back pain
• Reduces stress
• Increases energy and metabolism
• Helpful pre/post natal conditioning
• Improves athletic performance
• Golfers: improves swing and follow-through, and hip rotation
• Runners: prevents asymmetries, strengthens spine, expands diaphragm
• Dancers & Athletes in General: sculpts a stronger body and prevents injury

Susan often works with athletes to improve their performance and prevent or recover from injury. Because the Pilates method emphasizes body alignment with proper breathing & concentration, it is a low impact yet powerfully effective workout that helps prevent injury.

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With a greater understanding of proper technique, you can learn to move more efficiently with less chance for injury. By correcting muscle imbalances Pilates can help alleviate chronic pain.

Joseph Pilates originally pioneered his techniques while interned in WWI to rehabilitate the sick and disabled. After immigrating to New York in the 1920’s his method was adopted by the dance community. Renown dancers George Balanchine and Martha Graham were devotees of Pilates and regularly sent their students for training and rehabilitation. His methods of mind-body exercises that emphasized body alignment, proper breathing and concentration have since been refined into modern Pilates which is low impact and customizable. Today Professional athletes such as LeBron James and Olympic ski medalist Maggie Voisin use Pilates to stay above the curve.


“The Pilates work is very deep...there is no quick fix to learning the art and there is no substitute for a well trained instructor.”
– Susan Markle

Susan Markle Portrait



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